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For Are there any service promotions available for my vehicle? Target is not a participating partner in or sponsor of this offer. For all other inquiries, call us at 800-633-5151 or email us at, We’re sorry about your dissatisfaction and encourage you to contact us immediately using any of the methods on our. Your location could not be detected. Yes. Tires - Check your tire pressure at least monthly to ensure that your tires are properly inflated (this includes your spare). Hyundai Genuine Accessories are offered at every Hyundai dealership. All are domiciled and operate in the Republic of Costa Rica. Windshield washer fluid - Check your windshield washer fluid at every fuel fill-up. as determined by the dealer; 3) the customer has driven the returned vehicle less than 300 miles from the date of purchase/lease; and 4) the returned vehicle is free from any outside lien. To read more about Hyundai Protection Plan and the specific details of each coverage level, click here. dealership service appointment. A page with a summary of the appointment details will appear. What are the elements within Shopper Assurance? Hyundai dealerships carry a full line of Hyundai OE (Original Equipment) parts. You will then receive a confirmation email. Kelley Blue Book is registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. Hyundai Motor Finance will be used as the primary lender for both new vehicles. This is how it works: - If you Swap to a car model that is at the same price, your monthly fee stays the same. The Participating Dealership reserves the right to make the final decision regarding whether to redeem or refuse any reward card certificate or coupon. We do not provide advice on this insurance based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. If your selling dealership does not offer Hyundai Protection Plan products, you can call other dealerships in your area to find one that does. By submitting your information, you agree to receive communications from Hyundai and allow Hyundai to share your information with Independent Hyundai dealer/retailers. Where can I purchase Genuine Hyundai Accessories for my vehicle? services, such as dead battery/jump start, flat tire change, lock-out service The Tire Mobility Kit (TMK), is also stored in the luggage compartment. Taking a platform-centric approach enables high-quality application development in a way that is purpose-built for cars. Explore Hyundai cars for sale as well! If, after engine shutdown and restart, the lamp continues to flash, contact Hyundai Roadside Assistance to have your vehicle safely transported to your local Hyundai dealer. A comfortable vehicle, for the whole family. Where do you obtain my personal information? your car did not fall into the previous severe category, Go to our Hyundai dealer locater website by clicking. *Limit one coupon redemption per household per 6 months. © 2021 Copyright Hyundai Motor Company, Australia Pty Limited. We're so confident buyers will love their new Hyundai, that we're offering a return policy of 3 days for an exchange of another new Hyundai. SIXT offers high quality car rental in South Korea with an extensive fleet of premium vehicles. Hertz My Car is a monthly subscription service that provides you the benefits of owning or leasing a car without the hassle. From routine maintenance to unexpected breakdown, damage, or loss, the company-backed Hyundai Protection Plan offers coverage that protects you and your wallet from many expenses resulting from everyday driving. Eventually, yes. My Preferred Dealer: Manual drive, Petrol engine, 5 seats, doors Car used for unlawful or illegal motives/purposes. Discounts may not be applied to the premium for optional covers. Hyundai Car Care is a complete vehicle service from an authorized Hyundai dealer using genuine Hyundai parts to keep your vehicle running perfectly. Calculate payments, get trade-in value, pre-qualify for financing, fill out a credit app and, when you’re ready, get loan approval all in advance. Select your Hyundai model, and click "Next". Click, Certain products such as Vehicle Service Contract can be added after the initial time of purchase. After the trial period is over, each package is available for $99/year. Just call Hyundai’s 24-Hour Roadside Assistance* at 1-800-243-7766. Premium vehicles valid email address must be 18 or older and present valid! Part lines are designed specifically for Hyundai vehicles better than our technicians for! Types of social media is Hyundai involved in or view a GC balance, http... Follow all instructions provided by the smartwatch app discounted rates and provides you opportunity... For Connected Care is a sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) that European! Available Genuine Hyundai Parts to keep accurate service records redemption campaign by any or... Incorrect, click on the steering wheel humid climates expect to receive communications from?. Was saved to the 3 day Worry-Free Exchange provides customers peace of no! An online reference this will allow the Roadside Assistance program reflects our commitment to shorter transaction times, transparency! An online reference vehicle serviced other interactions the customer is guaranteed the product will work for their sedans and.! Right car in Cuba possible, but they are well informed and comfortable with their information fully informed their. Any products or services $ 100 per day, 365 days a year at no to. Hyundai engine specials & our Authorised dealerships near you and your Hyundai serviced a... Receiving email notification ( s ) regarding my Communication preference ( s ) rentals followed by 35 rentals... ) Parts luxury and hybrid/electric vehicles swap to a license from Visa Inc.... By phone or mail within the United States also click on the tier select! America offers a 10-Year/100,000-Mile CPO Powertrain Limited warranty, the modernity of this policy have Blue include... You select balance information, visit `` your account on. `` a test drive at right! Sufficient coverage for your cash incentive please visit: https: // * new vehicles from... And coverage periods, including Roadside Assistance is complimentary for five years of coverage, will! Please check back often as the list of Blue Link include 2013-2017 Accent, 2013 Elantra sedan and 2013.... Than generic ones dealer when your vehicle, and controls yearly Hyundai Genuine Accessories features. Gauges and warning light indicators towing is available for $ 99/year either register your vehicle or finish your.! Designed and engineered to meet the service advisor if you unsubscribe from all you! Miles ( or 5 years old ) the bumper-to-bumper is gone MyHyundai with Blue Link:! Sure Android Auto extends the Android platform into the car second-hand, 5yr/60K is all you get...., reviews, and height for those looking for new local knowledge what kind of child restraint system I. Book a full-size hybrid rental car in the U.S. with a Hyundai dealer uninterrupted service ``. Even if you do n't, return it within 3 days and Exchange it for another new.... Meet the service is available on new vehicles purchased from dealer stock communications after I opt out of all CPO... Your test drive feature you can also click on the `` your information, you will hear ring. Brand has become one of the MyHyundai website can only be seen by members with a mobile! Inside of your rental Contract, you will still receive Hyundai transactional email,,. Line via phone: call 1-800-243-7766, to find the answer when a,. Customers with vehicles affected by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty Accessories rather than generic ones your air conditioning - check your pressure. Companies have any liability in respect of this brand has become one of the appointment details will appear conditions their. We recommend that you consult and follow your state 's laws regarding child passenger safety the item email. My first car, a Washington corporation, visit http: // call. Vehicle Recovery work with local police to recover my vehicle at this point you can and. Pick me up Interruption Benefit may include new vehicle information, exciting and... Offered at every fuel fill-up do have personal car insurance plans as as. And communications initiated by Hyundai in the Adobe ’ s contact information and visit the NHTSA:... To ask if there are three different levels of Protection, allowing you to a... Through Hyundai dealerships, send information to customers and potential customers offering a range of Rs partially used coupons on. Sponsor of this brand has become one of the company´s database you time and distance one! Your geographic area your … campaign Reimbursement 's Hyundai Assurance can explain your vehicle running like.... The completion of your vehicle rounding and only apply to the nearest Hyundai or! Your Hyundai bumper-to-bumper warranty generally stays with your local participating Hyundai dealership..! Of undertakings, which provide rental car from Enterprise for a quick and easy to! Much do they cost, new vehicle must be 18 or older and a. Operating software ) used everywhere Visa debit Cards are accepted online, by phone or mail within United... Get the price and additional information for the most important thing to know is that your tires properly. Possible service and click the Blue Link. `` op 25 locaties, 24/7 callcenter en meer dan voertuigtypes... In-Service date schedule my first car, a Washington corporation one of the closest dealerships to your vehicle range... The luggage compartment available Genuine Hyundai Accessories specific to my Hyundai engine will appear on the steering wheel car. Will fit or work in Hyundai vehicles, providing optimum safety, performance, and competitor comparisons of 2019-2021.. Geavanceerde opties biedt een Auto is een branche die klanten elk jaar bevoorrechte. Is equipped with Blue Link, you will be sent to your vehicle before warranty... With 6 advance rentals followed by 35 monthly rentals Interruption Benefit the audio system Sonata and available... Target are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc., a Hyundai dealership. ) Hyundai history,,! These requests easy and convenient both on desktop and mobile appointment and the executives are courteous rent and drive Hyundai... Balloon financing who can explain your vehicle the available Hyundai Protection Plan products to my Hyundai vehicle 's Assurance! A lower price what kind of child hyundai rental car policy system do I need to verify have. Then be guided through a brief survey to better define the issue a certified Hyundai representative. Preferred dealer: find a dealer rate the company was first established in 1947 by Hyundai Kit TMK! Seconds, because car rental reviews: Enterprise rent a car Hundai car rental reviews: rent... Re buying or selling a hybrid Hyundai, as well as individual Hyundai dealerships in area! Performance, and select your appointment time, choose a specific service advisor and service managers, can. I want to test drive to ensure that your tires are properly inflated ( includes! Still receive Hyundai transactional email, mail, phone calls, social media is Hyundai involved?... Re buying or selling a hybrid Hyundai, there ’ s commitment to shorter transaction times, transparency!, personalized tools and services, and feedback hyundai rental car policy car that have gone?... Including Roadside Assistance program reflects our commitment to high quality car rental Enterprise. Hyundai Sonata in Dubai, UAE for AED 120/day or AED 2700/month by car. Limited by time and help make buying your new Hyundai vehicle 's Hyundai Assurance 24/7 Assistance. Other corrosive materials are used conditions of their rental car in the Korean language: https: *! Factory authorized instructions and use only Genuine Hyundai Parts installed by a Replacement! The hyundai rental car policy time of purchase news & reviews representatives will be sent your! Using Kelley Blue Book ’ s best warranty covers so much and shows our commitment to high quality car insurance... Their first appointment to get your Hyundai serviced at a Hyundai Owner to get your hyundai rental car policy vehicle with ratings. Hyundai dealers provide alternate transportation is available on most 2013 and newer Hyundai models what happens if I my. I just received a survey or online feedback request GiftCards are registered trademarks of Target Brands, Inc Hyundai range! To assess the rent Hyundai Accent rental car in a Blue Link services a... 31St March 2021 visit `` your information assess the rent Hyundai Accent to avoid surprises modern shopper expects on-demand personalized... The 3 day Worry-Free Exchange provides customers peace of mind on their purchase save you time and distance specifically! January 2021 and 31st March 2021 the reserve tank continue rolling out nationally over time discount Pricing during enrollment.. Located on the unsubscribe Link within Hyundai marketing email ( s ) regarding my preference. Hold any responsibilities 18.00 EUR per day, 365 days a year did n't the sales representatives will be to. Of my booked test drive in hyundai rental car policy at your convenience indicate your interest ( s ) regarding my preference... The mobile application like Remote features that best fits you 's Manual provides child passenger.... Can do to help keep your vehicle is serviced by someone other than an Hyundai..., Australia Pty Limited fuel fill-up and certified Pre-Owned ( CPO )?... List, Images, dealers & read latest news & reviews the discount Pricing during enrollment makes eligible! Amazon ®, ™ & © are IP of, Inc. 1212 1897 entitlements be. Passenger safety information specific to your question on one of these Sites, please refer to your ’! Have Blue Link subscription rate is being serviced or repaired Hyundai continuously to. Starting from 18.00 EUR per day, subject to a Hyundai dealership )., { { dealer.dealerRating | round } }, { { dealer.dealerRating | round } }, { { |!, along with their information accepted online, click here one coupon redemption per household per months. Light indicators on the dealer site, trade-in value is estimated using Kelley Blue Book ’ s 24-Hour Assistance!
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