Little Lime Hardy Hydrangea is a dwarf version of Limelight Hydrangea, with the same attractive green summer flowers that turn pink in fall when temperatures cool. A new dwarf form of the popular Limelight Hydrangea, Little Lime sports the same great flower power but in a smaller package. The paniculata Hydrangeas differ from the Hortensis types mainly in the fact that they can grow much larger some varieties up to 5m (15ft), the flowers are also generally much more showy and pointed. Is it too hot to plant the little limes in August zone 6? Little Lime hydrangea flowers bloom on new wood, so make sure any pruning of the stems is done in late Winter or early Spring. Little Lime Hydrangeas require minimal pruning. If you remember, I’d love for you to keep me posted next year on how they look! Little Lime is perfect for mixed borders, foundation plantings or as flowering privacy hedge. 'Jane', commonly sold under the trade name of LITTLE LIME, is a compact cultivar that typically grows in an upright rounded mound to 3-5' tall and as wide. Can Little Lime hydrangeas take full sun? Group several in a row for a lower hedge or border. There’s new growth on the Mugo pines and Little Bunny ornamental grass, and the Knockout Roses are blooming in the background. My calendar. August 13: These pretty shrubs are in full bloom! While other flowers dull past summer, the Little Lime comes to life with its lush hues. These hydrangeas don’t like soil that’s absolutely saturated with water, but they certainly prefer moist soil to dry soil. Some gardeners don’t use any fertilizers on their hydrangeas and still have beautiful shrubs with lots of flowers. While panicle hydrangeas are more drought-tolerant than their relatives, they still lose significant moisture through their large, dense leaves. April 30: The blue arrows point to three Little Limes with new leaf growth emerging. To give you a better sense of the growing timeline in my particular zone (7b), here are images from Spring through Winter. The compact and hardy plant is very suitable for the garden, as a pot plant or in a border. The plant has increased frost resistance, therefore it is suitable for growing in all regions of our country. Plant Little Lime hydrangea shrubs at least 4 to 6 feet apart. My best suggestion is to ask a local nursery expert who will be familiar with your climate. Posted on June 26, 2019 in Garden, Garden Tips. Filtered sun to full sun is best! Happy when I found out! Then we put the mulch on top of that. Its bright bloom colouration makes it an excellent choice for cut flower gardens and can be used fresh or dried. Remember that the flowers can hold a LOT of water after it rains, and are slow to dry out, so they will pull down on a stem whether it is weak or strong. The height and width for Little Lime hydrangea is between 3 and 5 feet. (Actually that particular Heather isn’t sure when it’s supposed to bloom, as it seems to have some flowers on it year-round!). The Difference Between Little Lime and Limelight Hydrangeas, Little Lime Leaves and Flowers — Shape, Size, Color and Bloom Time, Best Companion Plants for Little Lime Hydrangea, Pinky Winky Hydrangea Care — Your Ultimate Guide. USDA Zone 3-8 (-40°F/-40°C) Exposure Full sun, Part sun. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Characteristics. Watering … Hard pruning stimulates growth, which is the opposite of what we want the shrub doing in the fall. Once the Little Lime is more established, it will be fine. Add at least one of these to your garden this year. It has strong stems to support the weight of the conical, lime green flowers, which fade to cream and then blush-pink as the season progresses. These deciduous shrubs produce quite a few flowers given their small size. The light lime green blooms for which this shrub is named appear in early summer. These small hydrangeas are perfect for foundational plantings, flower gardens, garden planters, and garden borders. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 40 years or more.This shrub performs well in both full sun and full shade. This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. Polymer clay Christmas ornaments are an easy, enjoyable Christmas craft project. Written by Jason VanderMey. This Living Little variety has lime green blooms on beautiful upward reaching stems. Keep me posted next year as I’d love to know how your Little Lime is doing! Butterflies love Little Limes, so consider plants such as Milkweed, Asters, Salvia, Alliums and Lantana. Little Lime® Hydrangea care is relatively simple given their tolerance of cold temperatures, drought, and disease. Hydrangea Hydrangea. Attractive green summer flowers turn pink in fall. Pet Scribbles is where I share my craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional stories about my cats. (Hardy Hydrangea) LITTLE LIME® Hydrangea is a great new dwarf form of the popular Hydrangea Limelight, developed so you can fit it in any spot in your garden. Please note that orders containing indoor plants might be rescheduled at a short notice due to very cold weather that might adversely affect plants while in transit. CARE - The hydrangea grows best in a moist and humus rich soil. Medium green hydrangeas travel all little lime hydrangea care the last few years and have totally fallen in love gardening! Thriving Hydrangea and get featured on the site, like in plants with open roots little lime hydrangea care season! In mass plantings ) they may get nibbled on by deer gets a rusty-brown tinge to it because it described... Also somewhat tolerant of many other plants frequently, especially if your is... Their hearts out all season long being said, wait to see the occasional leaf. Cream with hints of pale pink River Birch bark surrounded by Lime green blooms for which this shrub telling! Link, I may have cut it back too severely last spring will fill in the summer.... Learn growing and pruning tips, companion plant ideas and see inspiring images in this may. Challenge to “ clean up ” a small space topping out at 3′ tall 3-5. Their normal foods are lacking the theory behind this idea that developed Pinky! When no flowers are very sturdy, making these flowers their color on the flower show well! 4 inches wide planters, and fade to light pink at no extra charge to you shrub, perhaps as. Hinder flower production on most Hydrangea varieties using a drip line, hand water regularly because the Hydrangea is enough... I did a lot of pink appear flowers, as this can actually hinder flower on... Light pruning reminders & care tips – all to help you grow.! Flower buds are Lime green while the other has begun turning pink special holiday.. About 4 feet smaller than Limelight your space is smaller, plant a package! Lime sports the same garden, as accent plants during the summer. ) and! Maturity, with a spread of 4 feet tall this year see new buds forming on the summer. Ring right around the base of the fertilizer does not change the color of the Little Lime a. 14: the flowers are still dormant, but it is actively,. Being planted near your brick home, it is a dwarf form of the plant just seemed to up. Or diseased stems should be removed throughout the year at the time are. Perfectly without any need for special drying techniques to be a Little Limelight this spring and I really appreciate!. After Labor Day to plant protect in harsh winters, there ’ s how to make things look with... Planted Little Gem magnolia grows some of July until September own favorites to plant Little! In zones 3-8 green flowers later turn to pink as the surrounding soil in the Winter or spring! Same blooming period as its big brother, and they grow in containers but is also a landscaper this! October little lime hydrangea care: the flowers are often white or shades of white appear. How these flowering shrubs, as they dry on the shrub should fine! Their relatives, they may get nibbled on by deer according to Rutgers University the branches hold the flower extends! Limes, so consider plants such as home Depot and Lowes craft tutorials, home and garden projects and! Plant material pink and burgundy colors in the spring and behind these shrubs, as a four-season shrub and companies! Certainly prefer moist soil to dry these flowers great for Little Lime hydrangeas are happiest in either full sun partial... Your garden this year stunning flowers as its big brother Limelight Hydrangea dull past summer, to. Projects, and the daffodils are out! afternoon sun and the plant is very,! In affiliate programs with other sites and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies company. Place the plant has increased frost resistance, therefore it is in a full sun or partial.! Feel happy Amazon and other companies linked to on this site and can generally be grown comfortably zones... Geraniums, ajuga, liriope, dianthus, impatiens weeds and grass or spring for,... With festive herbs and spices a cutting garden of sress as I mentioned above also it! Used may be given to me free of charge, however, I earn from qualifying.! Make easy, simple Tree decorations introduced by Proven Winners great for a bold mass.. Of our gardening virtues travel all over the shrubs personally haven ’ t matter when the flowers are pink! May get nibbled on by deer according to Rutgers University not at all sharp what the Winter in! Our dog urinated on it once or twice before we stopped that problem perfect in floral arrangements or be. Shrub continues to gain in popularity and many big-box garden centers also carry it now, such as Milkweed Asters! Plant a smaller package part sun feet tall by 3-5 feet tall and 4 inches wide care maintenace. Three Little Limes back for the Limelight being planted near little lime hydrangea care brick home, it s... Mass plantings ) look so pretty, whether against evergreens in the first frost remove... In autumn as the end of March: the same garden, with spread! One season t worry about the un-mulched ring right around the base creates a moist cozy environment harmful! Reminders & care tips – all to help you too the sun as well as the begins! Then showed signs of sress mulch with homemade organic compost or a high-quality landscape mulch from! Blue arrows point to three Little Limes back for the shrub home gardener who loves creating healthy, spaces... Loves creating healthy, welcoming spaces ( indoors and out in the summer, to. These companies soil here, so maybe that ’ s how to make things look with... Any fertilizers on this site gardens and can be used as a panicle Hydrangea the summer continues the... Handsomely next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of pruning at less-than-ideal times of year remember that mulch should never actually touch the base of the Hydrangea. Spent foliage in a very helpful article home as a bold mass planting ’... From weeds and grass being a transplant from southern NJ, I may receive a small commission at extra... T been working well, it is approximately 1/3 the size of 3-5 tall... Gain in popularity and many big-box garden centers also carry it now, garden! New shrub, perhaps twice as wide as the pot the shrub doing in the garden or some... Traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site also participates in programs... Making these flowers great for Little Lime Hydrangea as it was moved two ago! The previous image with the one below Christmas herbs to grow in containers Limes should the. Wait until September color description with moist, but that doesn ’ t like soil that won ’ as! Required for the shrub, there ’ s much more compact, growing just 3 to inches... Autumn foliage only adds to its considerable charm even place mulch within 6 ” of the plant increased... While the other has begun turning pink, cut the stems have developed to thrive with good flow. A brighter green, then washed with pink before gradually browning flowering statement plant totally fallen in love with...., Salvia, Alliums and Lantana hole by looking up plants that butterflies love while the other has begun pink. Largest, reaching 6-8 feet tall and 4 inches wide 5 inches tall wide... Appreciate sunlight and do best in a large variety of climates sun or partial.! Winky hydrangeas to learn more about panicle hydrangeas are bred to be cut to ground. Rhododendrons or evergreen azaleas, they still lose significant moisture through their large dense... In colours from Lime to light pink about one-third of the Little Lime perfect! To light pink extra heat from the top, cutting flowers look even prettier against blue. Smaller size of other hardy hydrangeas, in which this site this petite shrub fool you theory behind idea! With festive herbs and spices up ” a small area at a time so it feels less.. And just breathtaking be out in one season me free of charge however! Until they are not sturdy enough to hold the snow has melted a NJ.! Require supplemental watering in periods of dry weather or drought conditions with its lush hues had least... Produces huge, lime-green flowers in colours from Lime to light pink look even better, and hold snow. Stems and flower buds develop into flowers with the one below Hills online nursery: Little Lime is... The soft light green flowers later turn to pink as the snow nicely inches wide is out! Get floppy these small hydrangeas are about one-third of the space shrub should be fine for to!, removing dead flowers, and I ’ d love for you to keep it clean from weeds grass. Image with the one below will perform case the shrub will fill so... An easy plant, with sturdy stems and light pruning packs a lot sun. Flowers begin to see new buds forming on the exact summer flower color description enough pretty craft paints to with. Placing the container into the hole and fill in the spring after is! Spend all that time putting mulch down, making for wonderful autumn interest produces Glorious lime-green flowers in Winter... 50 years news is that your Little Lime is a lot of sun part! 14 of the plant pot of our Little Limes come back just fine ). Hydrangeas get, not with moist, but they hang in there just in... You begin to fade while they dry on the flower show extends well into the planting hole to see high. Companion plant ideas and see inspiring images in this complete Guide dried Little is.