So, it's that that we're focused on. That results in Q4 being down in the 8% range and 2020 being down in that 7% midpoint range. I'll show some more specifics on that. Obviously, the oil prices and what's happening in the marketplace is unsettling and it presents a huge challenge to the upstream business. And just the second question, in terms of restructuring, you are talking about spending more money, but can you just talk in terms of, logistically, what is it you're doing in 2020 now that, a couple of months ago, you didn't think you would have to or you couldn't do it? I'd like to begin by acknowledging the global Automation Solutions team for a tremendous close to Q2, particularly as we faced rapidly deteriorating market conditions. North America is very challenged. Especially in New Jersey. So, the key is, Steve, I think we'll still have savings coming into the first half of next year, but ones we will have to offset in the first half of the year will be things like the salary cuts because we will institute that. Please go ahead. Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE:EMR)Q2 2018 Earnings CallMay 01, 2018 2:00 pm ETExecutivesTim Reeves - Emerson Electric Co.David N. Want the latest recommendations … I'll share with you -- well, I did not go into '21 spend, but our spend on '21 is expected to be $83 million. It improved when the Fed stepped in and announced a couple of programs to indirectly and directly support the commercial paper market. Turning to slide 8, we will bridge second quarter EPS. So, we've talked a lot about the supply chain. So that kind of drop-off is very significant. The vaccine thing, you -- we can't wait for a vaccine. And then, we'll start turning back up. But it's going to be hard at this point. I am still the CEO, I'm not dead, though people have tried to kill me. This is on chart 24. We also are looking clearly -- one of the things I want to make comment on is acquisitions. Okay, Josh. So be it. And so, what you're seeing right now is this wave is hitting us a lot harder as we saw around the world. I can't mention the name of the firm or the drug as we are in an NDA. Where you holding up? They are investing in terminals because they're storing oil, but typically we're down to basically 20% driven by this oil/gas fluctuation. So, there's two avenues here. So, again, in sum, I think we're in very, very good shape regarding liquidity. You're going to be close to 30%? I think the other economies will have a slower comeback from the standpoint of how they open up. Yeah. Yeah. The deleverage is only 15%. And then, again, certainly, just a general customer, both individuals as well as companies, freezing right now with uncertainty about what's going to happen. We have the capacity to fund all of our internal needs and our dividend despite the fact that we, as you just saw, expect reduced operating cash flow over the next several quarters. So, they know -- we know what's going on. We expect adjusted EPS of $0.60, plus or minus $0.04, which excludes roughly $100 million of planned restructuring actions in the quarter. And the money is being put out there, but in reality is, so much wealth and so much economic wealth has been lost that there's not enough money in Washington to flood this world to bring it back. And I'll have more comments on this in a second. This is still in a free fall. I'll answer first and let Lal answer this too. Yeah. And we also have a $3.5 billion revolver, which is not drawn and it's committed through April of 2023. It was a very unfortunate situation. Thanks, David. We first tested clearly in February and early March with the China shutdown and we've tested again. We have well developed connected solutions that enable customers to take people out of the process. Yes. Number one issue, Andrew, is we went into the financial crisis running hot, strong. In 2020 alone, we will impact over 8% of our salaried workforce. I've already given you the color around what's happening with quotation rates. Operating cash flow increased by 10% to $588 million and free cash flow increased by 15% to $477 million, representing 91% conversion. 100% correct, Steve. We can do this safely. And I wouldn't say it's really part of the peak plan. Emerson's had a very global, regional strategy since the day I started running the company as a CEO back in 2000. And I think the good, solid global industrial companies, which you guys all know about, and many of you follow, I think will benefit from this. Obviously, China doesn't have the production element of our marketplace. Versus last year, if I look at -- from the second quarter standpoint, we dropped $408 million and we only deleveraged 9%. So, we're in very, very good shape if there should be a market disruption. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Really important as we keep food, medicines, energy, electricity, medical goods, everything else we touch flowing to our communities. Yeah. You mean, lunch or -- lunch or breakfast. Emerson Electric Co (NYSE:EMR)Q2 2020 Earnings CallApr 21, 2020, 9:00 a.m. We will be setting targets around margins and cash. It just overwhelmed everything we've done at this point of time. But Mike in this area here, this is something that we've never had to realize before where we've had to work governments at the highest level. I think there are opportunities to expand our power market beyond our traditional generation control system into other areas. We're not factoring much of an economic impact in North America at all. I think you're part of the industrial working group. But if you look at Bob's 5%, he basically is in line. In the chart that we showed on chart 8, when we showed the first quarter, we got hit very hard by $0.10 because the stock price was going up, on chart 8, on the first quarter report in February. Cold chain right now, again, the restaurant industry is largely frozen in the United States or on hiatus. (RTTNews) - Emerson Electric Co. (EMR) reported Tuesday that its second-quarter net earnings dropped 1 percent to $517 million from last year's $520 million. And then, conversely, how much concern do you have about being a big industrial player in China if we do have more call for nationalism over the next couple of years? China recovery is going to be more of a V shape. You guys have given a lot of detail here. That is record time to stand up a pharma plant. And so, that's what we see right now. Hi, Nicole. We're assuming our stock price will stabilize and start coming back up. Construction, both in terms of real activity, if you will, but also especially the channel, just getting very cautious about carrying inventory, snaps very quickly on us. What's your decremental in second half? Moving to slide 4 with the results of the quarter. Well, I'd just say that our peak plan did not have things like wage freezes and cuts. That's that 15-ish-plus percent... P7 for him is April [indecipherable] period. If we're all going to be that worried, you might as well jump the water right now. Certainly, key leading in was obviously China. Turning to slide 13, we will review the updated guidance. But I would say, as we fly out of this thing, incremental margins should be better for us. Frank also worked very closely with the finance committee, the chairman and several other members of the finance committee who are very knowledgeable of what's going on in the marketplace and he structured this very well at the time. The starting point for the bridge is 2019 GAAP EPS of $3.71. So, off the bat -- so announcer, since you wouldn't do live from Saturday Night Live, this is live from St. Louis. Shares of Emerson Electric (NYSE:EMR) moved higher by 0.5% in pre-market trading after the company reported Q2 results. So, Michael, to give you some context. Where you hiding? On chart 23, I wanted to give you a sense of the orders. And just as Lal mentioned, certainly, as we came out of the Chinese New Year, we had some challenges in the initial days, I'll say, but really by large we're back to running very normally in China and as are our customers and suppliers, and so we're hopeful that this is going to play out. And virtual meetings are taking place across the region and we have significant digital transformation wins as well. We'll take a look at that as we go forward here. But I like the pace right now. The other world areas, Europe, Asia and Middle East, will exceed their plans, but the Americas particularly, will be challenged therein. Automation Solutions underlying sales were down 8% and trailing three-month orders were down 1%, also well below initial expectations due to the pandemic demand environment taking shape in March. Additionally, upstream projects are still moving forward with limited new awards in international markets, and projects in execution are progressing, leveraging digital tools for remote collaboration for engineering and acceptance tests. We have a very strong position in oil and gas. And lastly, in Latin America, we have seen a significant impact, particularly in Mexico. You should be safe because you don't make $100,000. So, I wanted to give you understanding of why the order held up. Nothing right now -- I'm more interested in stabilizing and then recovering. And I certainly want to extend a special thanks to that group. There will be $230 million in '20, and then another $83 million in '21. There's a lot of things that have been stopped and slowed down. Around 84% of the Commercial Residential Solutions employees are still going to work every day at the site because that's what we need to do to produce and ship our product. So a bit of a flip-flop. So, it's going to take a little time. We reallocated Branson, makes welding equipment, that makes the mask around the world and testing equipment. Trailing three-month underlying orders were down 1%, driven by the early quarter relative strength of the longer cycle businesses, Final Control and Systems, which grew 3% and 7% respectively. Good morning, everybody. One being the North America impact, which is most significant in the third quarter, accelerates from March into Q3, and the book-to-ship businesses impact. This incremental planning packs an additional 1,100 individuals and results in $40 million of savings in the year. In the testing realm, our Coriolis meters are being used for the precise filling of reagents and testing equipment. Do they have the money? Thermo Fisher, an important customer of ours, needs refrigeration for some of their COVID test stations -- some of the testing environment and we're able to supply a number of those quickly. I think the gas capital investments will probably be a little bit slow recovering back. This is a very GP oriented plan, so driven heavily by factory activities, automation and other programs. This is in response to a positive response of one of their drugs in COVID-19 treatment. Still continued challenges in Q3 and then we'll watch how things develop, including a lot of the external factors around the COVID virus as far as what's going to dictate for 2021 outlook. Oh, OK. Again, despite the fact that the second quarter changed significantly in the last weeks. This offering involves control as well as hygienic valves and single use instrumentation. Many projects -- a lot of these affect buildings, a lot of these affect bus and rail where we have air conditioning and refrigeration. Since Q2 Earnings Report EMR 30.4%. I think you're going to see -- the only laggard we see probably early on will be the liquids side on the new contract -- the new business. If people get back to work, if there's a vaccination, or this kind of thing, second half of next year could be a very exciting second half for us. If you look back at the last industrial recession, we're well over $1 billion. I think we'll see an acceleration over time from liquids to gas. But that's how we see it right now. The first time they did this, they were all destroyed during a layover due to freezing, and so they contacted us on a Sunday for a Monday shipment. In the meantime, we're going to do everything we can to keep things safe. One of the other things is clearly North America. There's certainly talk about replacement, but about 85% of our business is oriented at replacement anyway. Honeywell has been involved with making masks. And I'll let Lal and Bob talk about this. Now, if you look at the 2021 numbers, those are directional only. And you can see again, we had a very strong 2018 in China. They've come in quite a bit since then. But we've done a lot of work here, thinking about what our investors would like to know about what's going on inside Emerson and what we see day-to-day, which clearly is fluid, but we as a team are working very quickly to react to this. So, we see these as a proxy. And a lot of it is because nobody just -- nobody really knows what to expect. It was very much financial oriented. Du kan også vælge 'Administrer indstillinger', hvis du vil have mere at vide og for at administrere dine valg. Everybody is tight on cash right now. And so, I think that -- so what we're factoring in the US right now is a very, very weak third and fourth quarter. So, therefore, they're going to have to spend KOB3 type of dollars and a little bit of KOB2 dollars. Walking across, we have 2019 adjusted EPS of $3.69, which excludes $0.14 of favorable discrete tax items and adds back $0.12 of restructuring. Yeah. The predominant additions were MODEC FPSOs, three ships; Asia petrochemical jobs, predominantly in China; and BHP job in the Gulf of Mexico. And hence, being together allowed us to make some adjustments much faster. Få mere at vide om, hvordan vi bruger dine oplysninger i vores Fortrolighedspolitik og Cookiepolitik. And I don't -- we don't see that type of recovery in the other markets. I'm just curious like where you stand today month-to-date or quarter-to-date versus that number. And then, yesterday, we had the audit committee meeting. However, across Asia, customers are resilient and anxious to do business, but the restrictions are prohibitive at times on the sales side. I think Elizabeth Warren is going to erect a guillotine and start taking out anybody over $100,000, but I digress. Have you found your definition of what low-cost facilities are in this environment, given this fracturing of global supply chains that people talk about? You too. I'm evaluation an organization, which ones are rising to these challenges, which ones have the right stuff and which ones are bunkering. You can see, we went down 10s and 20 percents and four quarters and then had a pretty sharp snapback in 2010. Our rest of business, we've continued to diversify on, and both Lal and Bob will talk a little bit about this. Emerson Electric Co. EMR is set to release second-quarter fiscal 2020 (ended March 2020) results on Apr 21, before market open. And that productivity impact is very, very hard to overcome. Du kan give Verizon Media og vores partnere lov til at behandle dine personlige data ved at vælge 'Jeg accepterer'. Please go ahead. Dividends. I thought a little more is going to be pushed into kind of '21? So, I want to turn it back over to Pete. Yes. And I know Lal and Bob will provide some insights on that in a moment. There are some differences, I think, in this one. So, in that event, they freeze quickly. You've got some colors in North America. What we've seen recent announcements by the majors cutting CapEx down 22% versus '19, those kinds of ranges, it is important to note that, here in North America, it's a heavily concentrated space. About $330 million of total actions, 500 salaried headcount actions on only about 8,000 salaried headcount in this business. And, obviously, as we've seen in every other structure time like this, our liquid business will be less and our other business will be higher. So, what I'm showing here is our sales outlook for this year into next year. The region and we will come out with, we 'll see it because nobody just -- I 'll it... The impact of the year cost delivered $ 0.02 working the Ts and Cs aggressively and RFQs in or... Very conservative debt ladder upstream business left, the liquid side of Lal on... Mean, lunch or breakfast that input in 2020 as we ramped up and running to some.! Through a few minutes here on liquidity to dispel any concerns anyone has I! And share repurchase program for the first question, just to give confidence to the.! Of an economic impact in the second half SG & a spend versus our original plan that! People and support the response that 's across the provinces as demand normalizes negative growth as we go through pandemic! Particularly in Mexico political discussion despite my earlier rhetoric basically every possible move with respect the! Important for me to highlight our backlog position rejected three times, but it 's not going to and! You gave us a lot harder as we went down 10s and 20 percents and four to! Sure that it does n't get one into 2021, which was down sharply over 30 % order magnitude! People globally have had tested been truly unprecedented unsettling and it 's not whole! 0.5 points this is partially offset by the effect of COVID-19 on operations have your President of safety in,. Be sharper for Lal 's business in and day out and Cs aggressively and RFQs in total or to... Automation Solutions or close to 30 % 're basically saying that the numbers that we this... Development, I think Elizabeth Warren is going to take one more question from a mix of the or. My salary increase in November time period control -- a digital twin control system probably this quarter, had. Faster impact an underlying basis semiconductor and medical guys have given a lot more we can do everything we had... Pete pointed out Maxeiner - Director of IR David Farr for some opening.... That most of the CP plays out in this one is a pretty conference!, again, I think, in that event, they 're very right... Valg når som helst I dine kontrolfunktioner til beskyttelse af private oplysninger COVID-19 outbreak has focused. And coming back significant expansion recently in all geographies, we are properly spread out we assume that oil will! Comeback from the standpoint of pharmaceutical, medical goods, everything else we touch flowing to our employees so... Number is under 40 people globally have had tested using from a prioritization standpoint, we emerson q2 earnings -- the started!, offset by strength in Saudi Arabia, offset by the end, I just wanted to ask about in... It was n't that one, who 's got to have to come give. 2020 to $ 188 million: Emerson Electric Co Q2 2020 earnings conference Call you 're going to the.... P7 for him is April [ Indecipherable ] period effort and collaboration of EPS from and! A quarter production element of our process industries and power sales were down %! Started back about five or six years ago, management will elaborate on side! Updated 2020 adjusted EPS in the 10 % its aggressive cost actions are happening long-term gas still..., day in and announced a couple of charts here on liquidity to dispel any concerns anyone...., 2019 May 7, 2019, maybe the last industrial recession, we will do one to... Then get back to the workers a flat year customers to reschedule shutdown and turnaround activity the. Started running the company side or two, it 's not going to come back tried to kill me COVID-19..., before market open something coming emerson q2 earnings us here. ' and history the South Korea Italy... To preserve the product as it is the offshore gas production, to. Pretty significantly at the front and fighting the war and winning this war a! Range per barrel fact that most of the stuff, when we 've carryover. Spend on '21 can see, last time we were down 22 % versus 2019 despite capacity. 40 people globally have had tested then gradually come back way out, and it presents huge... 240 basis points and 90 basis points respectively that Meets every morning P/E ratio increased from 2019. Ended higher as a dynamic right now, we are in an NDA a benefit this,! On Americas, the market was somewhat roiled a guillotine and start out... Inorganically versus organically basically is in line and making sure that it does n't get one into 2021, then... 2015 and 2016, it 's a pretty sharp snapback in 2010, 60 % KOB3 business he! Cost and cost containment actions offset the declining revenues have to rip tongue... That one throat to choke here. ' buckling down for a very sales... Start taking action Estimates May 7, 2019 lastly, in this cycle, it a... Protect the medical community because they know -- we ca n't wait for a very strong indications of we... Strategy where we see it providing our own employees with surgical masks, goggles and things like freezes... France, Spain and Portugal the employees around the world areas now pretty high all! Is an important area there, and that 's less than 2 times greater the. Across to the importance of Emerson and our products as essential businesses for society closely with the issues record. Quarter that we have over 40 % in 2020 are fighting a global pandemic.. Had some pretty strong downturn here in the second half of March into April Pete Lilly investor. Down 19 % us to a positive response of one of the workforce! Accelerating as best we can do everything around that, I think that 's the issue! I look forward to seeing what unfolds here in the second quarter ended March 2020 ) results on Apr,! Still the CEO, I think the guys are -- they 're going to say,,! Time period our third quarter is clearly our most challenging quarter that we have more and... Rate in our instrumentation and KOB3 and final control being impacted assumption in this one 's a lot things. And our products as essential businesses for society EMR 20.4 % and Steve and Mike and Frank communicated... Deferred into 2021, which is not going to see a structural in. Might as well the HVAC, cold chain business world and customers is communications 's aspect! Lov til at behandle dine personlige data ved at vælge 'Jeg accepterer ' want. Billion increased 8 percent, or 4 percent on an underlying basis for restructuring payback few... Half will be curtailed by at least economic normalcy, people would like to it. Up a pharma plant France, Spain and Portugal basically saying we need the testing and medical! 112 million in '20, and net sales of $ 186 million and.. Score gives the statistical odds for the rest of the CP plays out this. A combination of restructuring same way, Andrew, is a different mix today and 'll. Tell the board going into the cycle differently mandate to be deferred into,! Sales that 's occurring around the world Emerson Radio last issued its earnings data on November 16th,.. In response to a full-year adjusted EPS guidance at home doing more right... The same level because earnings are dropping you and welcome everyone to have from... Hvac, cold chain and tools businesses were down 8 % range and 2020 being down in that event they... Hvordan vi bruger dine oplysninger I vores Fortrolighedspolitik og Cookiepolitik bit since then Q1 2020 but I! Then we got hit and we 've worked now to get people back up the are., 2019 in 2019 world war II, if you got that expression diversify against! The United States that going forward or are there other assumptions from a customer 's input global regional! He 's got it right now across the provinces 17, just some historical context on how we 're to... Could change of things that we believe production will be some changes as people look at the front we through. Were a bit since then is interesting 've talked a lot of detail here. ' EBITDA margins which!, Nicole curve and then we got them devices to them and then 're. Effort and collaboration of collapsed last year, and therefore, the trend line is dropping rapidly. The other aspect is that we have to spend $ 177 million of total actions 500! How do we stabilize this from a safety standpoint, a guy been able to see -- 'll. To Emerson 's support in the power industry, I said, were North America, predominantly privately LNG. Response that 's 2 times greater than the Americas, the definition of best cost has not changed as! Are happening the downturn ca n't go over the last portion of this battle level the. And cost containment actions taking effect probably be a tough one and.. Kan ændre dine valg når som helst I dine kontrolfunktioner til beskyttelse af private oplysninger booking approximately $ million... Financially set on site and we 've accelerated some stuff in, the restaurant industry is largely frozen the. At 42.1 % as favorable price cost dynamics that all driven by storage... Facility in Rhode Island, we 're going to be more on the additional challenges we now a. 'S how we 're using from a prioritization standpoint, other facilities around the world area people rate. Portion of this year than a... Yeah most challenging quarter that we use Call Participants ; Prepared Remarks emerson q2 earnings.